If you look at any Olympic athlete who has won a gold medal, it’s pretty clear they didn’t do it alone. Nobody wins the gold without a coach. Because you’re here, I trust that what you want are relationships with women that are so fulfilling, so satisfying and so rewarding that you feel like a gold medal winner in your life.

And not only do you deserve it. You can have it.

There are amazing women out there who are worth their weight in gold, and those few men who know how to be the gold medal winners these women are waiting for have a lot of choice. The good news is also that you can be one of these men.

The bad news is that there is no game on the planet more challenging than relationships and until you learn how become a champion in relating with women you are in danger of using up all your time and energy either hoping it will fall into your lap or trying to figure it out on your own and still never quite getting what you want.

However, it can save you years, decades or your entire life experience to have an experienced coach who see’s exactly what you want, exactly where you’re struggling and exactly the adjustments, skills or changes you need to make for everything you want to fall into place.

There are lots of coaches in the world and you want someone who you feel completely “right on” about. One who you can say, “Yeah, you really get me”. So don’t settle. That also includes not settling for me if I’m not right for you.

This is no joke. This is your life. This is your shot at a gold medal life and you only have so much time, energy and resources so I take it very seriously. That also means that on our call, I’ll be interviewing you as well to make sure you’re a match for me. I work with no more than 10 clients at a time and I only choose those who are truly ready for massive growth and change.

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for then go ahead and fill out the free consultation form below and I’ll be in touch with you. If we move forward with a free consultation we’ll create a customized coaching plan for you. By the end of our session you’ll be completely clear about what’s been in the way for you and your most direct path to fulfilling, satisfying and rewarding relationships with women who inspire and excite you.

Nice work in having an invested interest in the life you deserve. That’s the first 50% of actually getting it.



Here’s what clients are saying about coaching with Garrison

This has opened up a whole new way of looking at women that has made my entire life better and more enjoyable. I’m finally feeling content with myself and I’m enjoying the hell out of my life. And guess what? Women are not only showing up but they’re approaching me now!

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George K.

“I am literally having trouble scheduling and finding time for multiple women. It’s kind of a problem . . . but it’s a great problem to have. I highly recommend Garrison, he met me exactly where I was and we built on the person that I already am, and produced fantastic results.”
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Mike H.

“I felt like each session with Garrison left me with as much clarity as would require months of introspection on my own. I’m approaching and dating beautiful yoga teachers, tri-athletes, dancers… women that excite and inspire me. I’m feeling driven, confident, on my path and I’m having so much fun! I feel like my life has really shifted since working with Garrison.”

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William J.

“I have never had someone be able to listen and relate with me at that level. He was able to identify exactly what was holding me back. He was able to give me specific practices and guidance on what steps I should take to overcome my issue. I have never had so much attention from women like I do now and my dating life has never been richer.”

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