There’s nothing like speaking your vision and watching the crowd light up in response.

You can do this.

There’s nothing like speaking your vision and watching the crowd light up in response.


You can do this.

You Can Be A Powerful Speaker

There is an important idea that you know must be spoken. You are creating something powerful, something that hasn’t been done before. Something that needs to be shared with the world.

You know the only way to truly do that is by speaking it. The speech you are about to give represents your most important work to date. There is no one who could replace you as the carrier of this message.

You step on stage deeply connected to the potency of what you are here to communicate. You own the moment.

The audience is captivated by your presence as you speak. People lean forward in their chairs. There is not a stir in the house. In moments the silence is palpable. In other moments they erupt with laughter as you tell a well-timed joke. You make eye contact with people as you speak. Every pair of eyes meets your gaze with deep and genuine interest.

You feel as if you are riding a wave as 5, 50, 500 or even 5,000 people are completely dropped in with you and hang on your every word.

You complete your speech and the audience roars with the kind of applause that can only happen when each and every person feels viscerally moved by what they have just experienced.

The room is left feeling touched, inspired and called to action by your vision.

From here you naturally…


• Your online exposure and credibility multiplies by a factor of 100x.
• You become a sought after speaker in your field.
• The doors to elite groups, events and partnerships open to you.
• Book publishers express interest in your message.
• Investors see your potential and become ready to fund what’s next for you.
• You place yourself on the map as someone who is a voice in your industry.
• You are invited to speak conferences and high-end events in exotic locations.
• Other leaders in your field recognize who you are and become your allies.
• New and unforeseen opportunities and collaborations present themselves.
• Your vision of living in full alignment with your greatest truth becomes reality.
• People want to pay you large amounts of money to share your views.
• You find yourself welcomed into conversations with game changers in your field.
• The trust, respect, and admiration of the people you lead increases dramatically.
• You become seen as a leader who knows how to communicate ideas.
• You are able to express a narrative that matches your success metrics, so that investors are enticed to fund your business.
• You get put on the map as someone who is shaping your industry.
• Your personal brand takes off and becomes an asset you can leverage throughout the rest of your career as you create new and exciting things.
• Your life’s mission leaves behind a legacy of change on the planet.

This is what happens for those who know how to truly own their talk.

Unless you want to have this kind of impact… this is not for you.

However, if you’re ready to truly make your mark, then we should talk.

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How I Can Help

I am Garrison Cohen.

I work with innovators in a variety of industries who know that this is the time to speak their work into the world.

In my career I have spoken at over 300 colleges around the globe, often to standing ovations. I’ve owned 2 different multi media companies committed to powerful authentic communicating and relating. I am an acclaimed national speaker, writer, producer, blogger, coach, podcast host and seminar leader.

In my work I draw on my background in speaking, evolutionary relationship coaching, presence and embodiment training, neuro-linguistics, storytelling, writing, filmmaking and my own empathic abilities to deeply understand someone’s mission and help them turn it into an incredible story.

I offer a spectrum of uniquely designed programs starting with a deep-dive interview with you, to writing your elevator pitch and groundbreaking speech to training you to deliver it like a star.

At this time in our history it is of the highest importance for the game changers and thought leaders of innovative technologies, planetary healing and expanding consciousness accelerators to come forward and be heard. Besides…

You didn’t come this far…
just to come this far.

This is the moment to share your vision.