The Three Day Private Intensive is the ultimate men’s experience for rapid growth, personal healing and evolution into masculine adulthood.

In this highly exclusive program you spend three full days with me in person. During that time we focus on a series of processes that gently begins the rewiring of your nervous system so you can have a whole new experience of freedom and ease in how you relate with women.

Instead of being left with intellectual concepts that just sit in your head, you leave with new embodied understandings and new practices that stay with you and set you on the path of continual growth and breakthroughs.

We begin on a Friday and spend the day hiking together in the California Redwoods. During that time you share with me your life story, early memories, parental upbringing, relationship history and your desires for the future. I then connect all the dots to distinguish the inner conflicts, limiting beliefs, patterns and stories that have been holding you back and keeping you stuck from having what you really want. This is a full day process.

On Saturday I bring in two stunningly beautiful, insightful and talented female coaches to join us. These women love men and are fully committed to you breaking through your old, limiting self-identity.

Based on what I’ve identified as the key points of transformation for you, we custom design a series of processes, scenarios, games and experiences that allow you to come up against your inherited patterns, stories and blocks. As a team the women and I help you to transform them into new insights, breakthroughs and outcomes that leave you with a new sense of yourself and see new possibilities in your relationships with women.

On Sunday, we use the foundations we’ve built to guide you in how to create more bold, exciting and fulfilling experiences with women so that you’re not just “getting by” in your interactions but actively begin to embody the man that amazing women are waiting for.

We then address specific situations and scenarios from back home and show you how all of this translates into your life so you can return feeling more empowered in your relationship with yourself, women and the world around you.

Finally, we focus on “next steps” and create custom practices for you to take back with you so that you have a plan to continually cultivate the joyful, inspiring and rewarding relationships you want.

If I knew of a more rapid, healing and transformational experience for men than this… I would be offering that instead.

If you’d like to have a free consultation on what a 3 Day Intensive could do for you then go ahead and click on the button below to fill out a free consultation form and I’ll look forward to being in touch with you.

“I’ve found that I can now handle rejection from women instead of being devastated by it. Things that would have taken me weeks to recover from are taking just minutes. Amen to that. I now recognize that I have a choice about how I feel. Who would have thought?!”

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“I feel affirmed that no woman is “out of my league” and I already notice myself feeling more relaxed in most dating situations. I clearly see that I have something special and magical to share with even the most exquisite and discerning woman. It’s so beautiful to finally get this. Thank you, Garrison.”

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“I can honestly say that this work has impacted every facet of my life in a positive way.  I find it much easier to meet and develop social and business relationships with men and women.  As for dating I never need to chase desirable women, they are attracted to me.  My only regret is that I wish I could have done this forty years ago!”
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“I am SO much happier with who I am. I now clearly see that I am enough! I feel my masculinity more than I ever have. I notice better connections with women and it all just feels like the beginning of something much bigger. I feel that I can truly be myself now and the world actually seems brighter!”
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