Leaders are born in times of crisis.

Our business is writing your career defining speech and
amplifying the reach of
your voice.

…and if TEDx is your goal our process guarantees an invitation to speak.

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Leaders are born in times of crisis.

Our business is writing your career defining speech and amplifying the reach of your voice.


…and if TEDx is your goal our process guarantees an invitation to speak.

Would you like to talk?


Most people don’t think it’s possible for someone else to write their speech better than they ever could and yet this is exactly what we’ve done, over and over.

My program is an efficient, highly curated experience. I lead clients through multiple steps that utilize the skills of my accomplished team of interviewers, writers, editors, comedians, human-design leaders, TEDx organizers and authentic relating experts.

There is no “heavy lifting” for my clients as we take care of almost all the big pieces.

“Speaking powerfully is a game-changing skill and it can be learned. Garrison Cohen is a master teacher. If you have an important message you want to share Garrison will get you past the blocks, the doubts and the fears that hold you back”.

– Rich Litvin, Author of “The Prosperous Coach”


Tier 1: Excavate Your Story:

We begin with 3 high-level interviews that involve an in-depth exploration of your life, work and journey to capture the humanity, heart and brilliance of your story. All sessions are recorded and transcribed to craft a speech that is a perfectly fitting suit for your soul

Tier 2: Organize Your Message:

My team and I pore through the transcripts and connect the dots to tell your most captivating, moving and significant story. This is followed by a highly focused period of edits, revisions and refinements until your speech is super tight. You are presented with each draft for a review so that after three passes you feel that we truly captured the flavor, feeling and essence of your message in a way that you never could.

Tier 3: Get Invited To Speak At TEDx:

If speaking at TEDx is your goal then I provide a brilliant “turn-key” application process, led by my TEDx organizer with over 10 years of experience. It saves my clients up to 200 hours and has a 100% success rate of being invited to speak.

Tier 4: My Accomplished Team And I Polish Your Speech Into A Diamond:

I bring in a seasoned comedian who is also a professional speaker to create humility, lightness and humanity into the telling of your story. This is followed by my TEDx organizer who offers final edits until it meets his bar for stellar talks. My creative team and I then refine and polish your speech until it shines like the diamond it’s meant to be.

Tier 5: Get Trained To Rock It On Stage:

In 3 live sessions, we break the speech down so it reads like poetry while doing the final fine tuning. I then show you how to speak it with pausing, pacing and tonality so that it comes alive. We then complete with a memorization process that allows you to know your speech inside-out and speak it with embodied, authentic presence.

Tier 6: Get Massive Amounts Of Traffic Through Digital Media:

For appropriate clients, my team has created high impact campaigns for Marianne Williamson, Eckart Tolle, Byron Katie and Deepak Chopra, to name just a few. We have a special program for my clients to attain a global reach and use their talks to funnel attention back to their online offerings for a massive increase in revenue.

Tier 7: The Ultimate Branding For CEO’s:

For those who are by default the brand of their company and do not want to go the TEDx route, we work with you until you can speak your speech as if sitting on the couch beside the fire with your best friends. We then go with you to wherever on the planet is your most sacred place and capture your speech with exquisite sound and video. This sets the foundational context of who you are, what you do and the vision you hold for the work of your company in the world.

Tier 8: Follow Up Video Blog Training To Build Your Following:

We train you on how to use your speech as a foundation to create authentic, inspiring and trust building weekly video posts. As your voice is consistently aligned with who you are it serves as a consistent branding for the future of your mission.

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