Hi, I’m Garrison, and I help good men who are struggling to create attraction, connection and romance become the kind of men that have beautiful women feel authentically intrigued, turned on and inspired to share their hearts, minds and bodies.


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My expertise is in teaching you how to dissolve the fear, doubt and insecurities that have been holding you back from success with women for years and become the solid, relaxed, confident man who women feel deep attraction for and men instantly respect… even before you say a word.

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Meet Garrison

Like most men, I’ve been on my own journey of wanting a rich, sexy, fulfilling life in every way… and relationships with women have been a big part of that.  It’s taken me a long, long time, through a lot of struggle to really understand the truth behind what it takes to make that life a reality.  So I’m just going to skip right to the main point: If you want to have amazing experiences with amazing women it all starts from having an amazing relationship with yourself.

  • “Now, instead of finding myself locked into one relationship I’m having ongoing relationships with some really amazing women. The sexual dynamics are completely different. They’re so much more relaxed and fun than I’ve experienced in the past. While I’m ultimately looking for partnership, what I’m experiencing now is SO good for me!”

  • “Garrison is nothing short of inspiring. I’m now in a relationship with a woman that I am deeply in love with. Garrison’s coaching and teachings along the way have definitely helped me to become the man that would attract a woman of this caliber and for that I’m very grateful.”

  • “Garrison’s steady and calming clarity kept me focused and sane – he helped me identify and progress toward my goals without coddling me. Beyond the actual work we did, I found great value in simply knowing that support was there. Thank you, Garrison!”

  • “My social and sex life are shifting: I am having women in my life who want to be more than just friends, and my social circle is growing bigger! If you’re thinking about coaching with Garrison, just take the leap and try it. I highly recommend him!”